How and when we are established

 The idea of “MedicAlert”was started in the small town of Turlock in California, in 1955 when the daughter of Dr. Marion Collins, after a minor accident was given a test injection of tetanus antitoxin. Being allergic to this medicament she went into a coma which lasted several days. When she recovered, her father, believing that his daughter and many other persons with medical problems or allergies needed a way of making their problems known, created the first “MedicAlert” metal emblem. The emblem “saviour” which speaks for us when we are unable to do so, was thus created.

 The program was introduced in Cyprus in 1975 after the initiative of Takis Georghiou, the Governor at that time of Lions District 117 Greece and Cyprus. The eight chartered Lions Clubs in Cyprus submitted an application to the Government of Cyprus following which  the non profit MedicAlert Foundation was registered as such in January 1975.  The first “MedicAlert” emblem in Cyprus was given to a 13 year old boy by the Minister of Health Mr. Christos Vakis in the presence of Mr. Fred Hodder, President of MedicAlert International at that time.


Our sponsors and how they help us

 All  successful non-profit organizations must have the wholehearted support of a number of individuals and organizations. “MedicAlert” functions under the auspices  of the Ministry of Health which provides moral and financial support to the  Foundation and enables it to carry on with its mission. To save lives in emergencies by disclosing important information related to our health to authorized persons so that the appropriate medical care is given  to persons with “MedicAlert” emblems.

 “MedicAlert”Cyprus depends to a great extent on volunteers and the support it receives from the Lions Clubs in Cyprus which have adopted “MedicAlert” as their continuous project.  Volunteer Lions and others  are offering all types of office work, they participate in educational programs and they help in every way they can.

 The Medical Association of Cyprus,  The  Cyprus Pharmacists Organization, the Cyprus  Diabetics Association , the Fire Brigade, The Traffic Branch of the Police Force and many other private and government organizations support “MedicAlert.

Who needs "MedicAlert"

 A quick look at international statistics shows that one in every three persons has a good reason for joining “MedicAlert”. We might all believe that our medical problem is small and insignificant. In an emergency, however, it acquires  enormous dimensions and importance and it might put at risk our own life.

 We have for example Diabetes of different  types, heart condition in several forms, asthma,  epilepsy, stomach and other digestion problems, several allergies to medical and non medical substances, persons wearing contact lenses, people with implanted pace-makers, orthopedic or rheumatoid cases and many other problems and conditions which cannot all be listed.

 For all that has been said, it is a lot easier if we ask our physician a short and easy question. “Do I need “MedicAlert”too?" If the answer is “yes” then we must go ahead with  the necessary procedure for acquiring this valuable protection.

 Becoming a member of “MedicAlert” is a protective measure which will take care of the need to disclose our medical problems in an emergency, at a moment when we are unable to speak. “MedicAlert” will then speak for us and convey the necessary information that could save our life.

 It is not, however, only persons with hidden medical conditions or allergies who need the protection of “MedicAlert”. There are, for example, persons  with rare blood groups who will feel much better if they carry  an emblem indicating the blood group to which they belong. These  persons realize that this information is extremely important in an emergency and it might save their life. Those people do not have any medical problems or allergies but they do need a MedicAlert emblem and its protection.

 We have people without medical conditions or allergies who also need a “MedicAlert“ emblem. They are the Donors of organs who realise that there is no better way for making their decision known to the right people at the right moment than using  of “MedicAlert” metal emblem. This emblem will carry their wish everywhere and at all times .  It will also act as a psychological catalyst  and help the family respect the wish of the Donor and give another person the chance to live under better conditions for the rest of his or her life.

 As a conclusion we can say that EVERYBODY needs “MedicAlert” protection.

What is the cost of "MedicAlert"

“MedicAlert”is available to everyone with medical conditions or allergies at a small nominal cost which is within easy reach for almost everybody. As a non profit organization “MedicAlert” is ready and eager to extend its protection, free of any payment, to persons who cannot afford to pay the small costs involved, provided they supply the Foundation with acceptable proof to that effect.

 A small registration fee of must accompany the application form and this is the only amount collected by “MedicAlert” in order to cover its running expenses.


 Applicants are requested to select one of the following metal emblems:-

Stainless steel emblems (ordinary/small bracelet or pendant)


Silver emblems   (ordinary / small bracelet or pendant)

Stainless steel / Titanium with expanding bracelet (ordinary / small)

Gold – filled emblem 10 kt.(ordinary/small bracelet or pendant)


18 kt gold emblems only without chain.

Prices according to the weight of the emblem and the price of gold.

 With the registration fee, applicants receive a free wallet medical  card.

 Replacement of the card is charged 5 EURO
 During March, every year, there is no registration fee for children

under the age of 12.  Emblems are charged as usual.

Non-profit “MedicAlert” Foundation is thankful for any donations received with the registration fee or at any other time, which supplement its limited resources and help it  continue its Life Saving Mission.



1.                         HOW CAN ANYONE REGISTER

It is easy for anyone to register with “MedicAlert”.

1.   Try to get hold of an application form from your physician, the nearest clinic, hospital or pharmacist, fill it in with the help of your physician and send it to a “MedicAlert” office in any town. Please do not forget that your application form must be signed by you and your physician and it must be accompanied by a cheque payable to “MedicAlert” Cyprus covering your registration fee and the value of the metal emblem of your choice.

2.   Complete the form “Expression of intend to join “MedicAlert” and send it to anyone of our offices. We shall then get in touch with you for any additional information.

3.   Form of "Expression of intend to join MedicAlert" can be found in the following page.

Having completed your visit we ask you to tell your relatives and friends about “MedicAlert” and suggest that they make a similar visit to our Webside pages.

Please remember:- “MedicAlert” saves lives .


“MedicAlert” Cyprus is participating in the CYTA program  for charities.

By calling Nr. 90 936 936  your telephone account will automatically be debited with the amount of CP1.- your contribution to the non-profit “MedicAlert” Foundation of Cyprus.

Take advantage of this easy way to express your appreciation  and support to the mission  of “MedicAlert” in Cyprus.

PHONE NOW :-  90 936 936







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